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Ultima Linux 8.4

Ultima Linux is a distribution built around the KDE desktop. Ultima Linux version 8.4 features KDE 3.5.10, runs on the Linux kernel 2.6, and i found it to have good selection of useful applications including OpenOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Firefox. Media can be played with Xine and Mplayer or manage your iPod music collection in Amarok. Your CD/DVD burning needs are taken care of with K3B. Ultima 8.4 also includes the GIMP image editor for creating and editing all kinds of graphics plus you can enjoy out of the box 3D graphic support with ATI/Nvidia drivers. A few more things you can’t help but like about Ultima 8.4 are it supports Flash, includes Opera web browser, and get all of this on a clean uncluttered desktop. One thing i look for in a distribution is an even workspace where i can hopefully get some things done, so it’s nice to see a desktop that obviously had some thought put into its graphical layout.

Overall I enjoyed Ultima 8.4 for a few reasons. I found it had the best selection of applications for my audio, video, and any other needs right out of the box. 3D graphic support out of the box was great and the overall smooth feel of the release was probably the biggest selling point for me. Download the .iso file for Ultima Linux 8.4 here.

More Ultima 8.4 Screenshots

I spoke with Martin Ultima of Ultima Linux and this is what he had to say about the future of Ultima.

“As far as the future of Ultima Linux goes, it’s hard to say. Development
will continue, of course; I like the code, and I think there’s a lot of
good things in it the Linux community badly needs. But I don’t know if it
will stay under the Ultima name — it gives the project too much of a
“vanity” sound, and I honestly believe there’s too many distros, too much
duplication of efforts for Linux to become truly mainstream (which is one
of my goals).”

We look forward to exploring the Ultima distribution further as it looks like it has some real potential.

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