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Using Bluefish to Edit Web Pages

If you are a Dreamweaver person, and you have moved to Linux you may be struggling with the aspect of how to edit web pages as smoothly as Dreamweaver. For a long time I have tried several different options but none in Linux worked well. One thing you will have to give up, unless you install Wine, is that the GUI is not going to be possible in Linux like it was with Dreamweaver. My problem is that I do not want to use Windows to do my web page edits. So I left Dreamweaver as it had way to many features I did not need anyway. Recently I tried Bluefish again, and fell in love. Part of this is that I was working on a CSS project and I needed an editor that was clean. Bluefish is not real fancy but it does have some options that may be useful for you.

Here is a description of Bluefish:
“Bluefish is an editor for experienced web designers and programmers. It supports many programming and markup languages, but focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. Bluefish is an open source development project, released under the GPL license.”

The editor is convenient to use. You have the option of 8 different menu bars that you can quickly get buttons to achieve the goals you have for the project. I like the fact that I could highlight and then click for the tags I wanted to add. This was actually faster than typing the tags manually.


One of the things that made Bluefish a dream for me was setting up a SSH connection with keys and no password so I could make a change and immediately load it onto the site for instant viewing. I did not even use the preview option with the browser.

Here you can see that all you have to do is highlight text and then choose a tag.


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