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Ubuntu: Pre-Install or Self-Install

March 29, 2009

I want to setup Ubuntu on my current laptop but as a Linux newbie I’m tired of worrying about hardware compatibility issues I’ve had in the passed like wireless cards. Even though the Ubuntu installation is easy as pie, it’s tough to give an operating system a fair shake when you have a beginner installing, setting up, and customizing the system. I want an Ubuntu desktop solution that is professionally installed and works perfectly out-of-the-box. Does such a setup exist?

Yes, not only does it exist but it has for several years. Out-of-the-box Ubuntu systems that are installed to perfection can be found all over the internet. Today I want to look at one Ubuntu desktop/laptop vendor specifically. The Denver based, System 76, offers Ubuntu installed desktop, laptop and server hardware.

System76.com also supports the Ubuntu installs that they sell through a variety of online resources. The support page includes a large collection of how to articles collected on knowledge76.com and focused on common problems. Forums on the support page provide a link to a special section of Ubuntu forums where you can ask your own questions and seek answers about your System 76 Ubuntu installed system while the bugs section provides a link to Ubuntu bugs. System 76 also provides email support for its customers if needed.

Whether you’re in the market for the 12.1″ Darter Ultra or the 17″ Bonono Professional laptop. System 76 has large, small and everything in between. The company offers Ubuntu Linux desktop, Ubuntu laptop and Ubuntu certified servers. With about 15 animal theme named products and seemingly adequate support for Ubuntu installed systems, this is looking like a good alternative to installing Ubuntu on my laptop and worrying about the headaches.

Don’t get me wrong I have faith in Ubuntu and how easy it is to work with and install, even for a newbie like me. My big thing is having a system that is perfectly setup for Ubuntu to minimize small annoying conflicts and problems. I’ve successfully installed Ubuntu numerous times on my current Dell Inspiron laptop but had problems from wireless compatibility to mouse drift! These problems were all eventually fixed with the help of the Ubuntu community but not without plenty of valuable work time lost. As I prepare to make this purchase from System76.com I am curious to know what others have experienced with the popular vendor. Surely someone out there can tell me if the Ubuntu installed laptops from System76.com are optimized for less hiccups and if all that support is really what it’s cracked up to be. What types of advantages have you Ubuntu users experienced from buying pre-installed Ubuntu systems online?

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