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Ubuntu 9.04: Installing Landscape on the Server

Landscape Web-Based System Management
This option provides system management and monitoring. Landscape provides central management for multiple systems using a web-based interface. This interface provides easy access for updates to all of the servers/desktops you are managing as well as monitoring for users, processes, and inventory control.

Manage many machines at once
Group machines to match your needs
Manage packages across the network
Integrate custom repositories
Manage users easily
Handle security updates efficiently
Support disconnected systems


As I read these features it brought back my early years using Novell’s ZENWorks Desktop Management to roll out updates to Windows machines, push images to desktops, monitor and repair desktops. It was great stuff, though often bloated and cumbersome, but it got the job done. For busy administrators this may be an option that is worthy of consideration. Larger companies with higher skill levels and higher ratios of servers per admin will certainly take a look at this but smaller companies will shy away from the cost.
Certainly having these resources in hand can save time and will provide information that administrators should know about the systems they manage. The cost $150 per machine, per year…ouch.

Installing Landscape
During installation you have the option to set up the server to act as a landscape-client. Give it a unique “Computer Title”.

Next provide an account name for the client.


Also add a registration password.


Now you can access this server from your web based station …once you have made payment. There is a 60 day trial to see how you like it.

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