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Zenwalk 6.0 Live

The Zenwalk Linux distro is a good fit for users needing a general purpose multimedia and/or programming solution with some focus also put on internet applications. Zenwalk 6.0 and Zenwalk 6.0 Gnome were released in March of this year and now, two months later the Zenwalk 6.0 Live CD version has been released. The new release features bring a little more shine to an already spotless Linux distro. Also, this release includes updates for bugs and fixes that were released since the announcement back in March.
The Zenwalk 6.0 Live CD includes completely re-written LiloFix & LiveClone tools which now allow the creation of a completely customized Zenwalk USB key in addition to the Zenwalk Live CD option. This is an important feature as it allows users to use USB keys a make themselves and their work at home on any computer they use by popping in the customized Zenwalk USB drive created with LiveClone. A few lighter notes worth mentioning regarding Zenwalk 6.0 Live CD is the improved boot speed, new artwork, control panel changes, new wired/wifi network manager, added Exhaile music player, OpenOffice 3.0.1 added, added BBC, YouTube and Jamendo plugin enabled in Totem movie player, and Gthumb replaces Gtkam and Gqview. This is just a few of the changes included in Zenwalk 6.0 Live CD, check it our yourself.

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