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Burning DVDs in Debian Lenny

Burning DVDs in Debian
Every now and then every user needs to make a permanent copy of something. A system backup, important pictures or documents, backups for the car or whatever. You can still enjoy this burning love with Debian, you just need to install a couple of things first.
There are third party packages that take care of all the burning for you like ‘K3b’ or ‘xcdroast’, but my linux ‘tutor’ insisted I try it this way first.
There is a package called dvd+rw-tools which will install ‘growisofs’ to burn DVD images or create a data DVD, ‘dvd+rw-format’ to format a DVD+RW and ‘dvd+rw-mediainfo’ to give details about the disks.
To install:
#apt-get install dvd+rw-tools
To initialize the disk:
#dvd+rw-format /dev/scd1
To write a directory to DVD:
#growisofs -Z /dev/scd1 -R -J /home/music Change the directories to suit your needs
To burn an image to DVD:
#growisofs -Z /dev/scd1=image.iso
If you want to burn media DVDs then you will need a few other packages. Check your Synaptic package manager for libdvdcss2. This will enable your system to read encrypted media if you want to make a backup of one of them.
If you want to burn movies then you will need gstreamer and w32codecs. These allow you to play around with the source files a bit more. If those two files don’t appear in your repository then you can search for them using the keyword ‘codec’. Worked for me.
The software option we will be using is K9Copy. I like it because it’s simple, straightforward and just does the job. Not much configuration needed. As above, someone also suggested I try K3b for the burning as it is another ‘newbie friendly’ package for burning media. I tried it and liked it. Very easy!


So, to burn a movie DVD, launch K9Copy and select the settings menu, then Configure. Select DVD and change the destination directory to whatever you need. Select MP4, the then Xvid option,2 pass. Set the audio to AC3 and your desired file size. The default for a standard DVD is 4.4Gb.
With the configuration done, now it’s time to choose. Do you really need Spanish subtitles or the little interviews or DVD extras? Now you can choose exactly what you want on your new disk. I would suggest ticking the ‘Keep original menus’ box however.
The idea here is to not copy all the stuff you don’t need This will leave more space for a better quality copy. You only have so much space and the more you dedicate to the movie and sound files, the better quality movie you will end up with.
Ensure the ‘ISO image’ output is selected and click on Copy. Then you can sit back and relax as the software takes care of everything else for you!
As usual, I’m not advocating piracy here, but you are allowed to make a single backup of original media you own. For you car pc lovers out there you wouldn’t want all your original DVDs in your glovebox would you?

We have Debian DVDs sets

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