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Petition: Proprietary Software In US Schools

What’s holding back US schools from catching on to the open-source software wave like the rest of the world?

Some say the replacement applications are just not available on the Linux platform. However some apps like OpenOffice.org could be implemented without even switching away from Windows. The savings in even a small computer lab not buying licenses for MS Office has got to be worth it.

Others argue that the software is there but the support isn’t and that a switch would cause too much confusion amongst students. Wake up people. These kids are all using Openoffice and booting Ubuntu on Live CDs. We need to brings open-source into our schools and teach our children about sharing, community, and freedom. Your kid could be heading up the Ubuntu 15.04 Kruzin’ Kangaroo project or could be a proprietary zombie, with no skills, no options, and no future. The choice is yours.

Please Sign My Proprietary Software Petition

Many good points about why schools are resisting this practical change are detailed in this article: U.S. Schools: Not Ready For Linux

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