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Desktop Publishing with Scribus: Adding Links

Scribus is an excellent Desktop Publishing tool. This Open Source project provides a great way to create document, brochures, etc. This tutorial will show you how to set up links to web sites in your document that will link to the actual web site.

The best way to learn how to insert links is to open a template so you have something to work with. Go to File/New from Template and select a template to work with. Next Select Insert PDF Annotations, note the work “Link” next to it on the Menu Bar. Make sure the feet are showing in the button.


Now you will be able to create a box over an existing image, as you see in the illustration. If you do not do this with an existing image you will not be able to see the link.


Right click the box and select PDF Options and Annotation Properties. Now in the drop down menu select external Web-Link and type in your website. Choose Save As,so you do not destroy your template, and give it a name. Next go to File Export and export as a PDF with the same name. Now go to the location where you saved the PDF and double-click and it will open with an active link.


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