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Web Clip on Tuquito

The Ubuntu-based Tuquito 3 includes quite a few changes like its new GNOME desktop environment and cool new desktop gadgets. I took the time to try out a few of the Google Gadgets and see how they worked for a complete beginner on this distro. What I found was a desktop social media feel hard to find in anywhere. In some ways Tuquito reminded me of gOS gadgets which features similar widget-like internet applications that are extremely powerful. I examined the Web Clip and a few other gadgets and found them to be fantastic.

First click on Internet — Google Gadgets

This should being up the Google Gadgets icon on the bottom panel. Right click and select show all if your widgets/gadgets are not showing.

Here you can see the clock widget and web clip widget.

You can right click in the top left corner of the Web Clip widget. Select Options.

This screenshot shows us the options available for the Web Clip widget. Type another RSS feed into the field and press the Add button. The Web Clip gadget will now display posts from your feed right on your desktop.

Notice the Web Clip widget now has my RSS feed posts shown inside of it. Keep in mind you can blend multiple feeds together this way too giving you a unique custom feed that includes all the feeds you subscribe to anyway, right there in one.

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