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Ubuntu 9.04 Cleanup With Computer Janitor

May 14, 2009 17 comments

Computer Janitor

The idea behind Computer Janitor is that it will help you clean up those files that you no longer need, thus saving space on your computer. Now, before you begin…note that this program has the potential of doing damage if used incorrectly so be sure your critical data is backed up.

Here is a list of .deb packages that were used to install applications. These .deb packages are no longer needed so Computer Janitor is saying they can be removed. Click the “Cleanup” button and they are removed. If you have doubts about what it wants to remove simply uncheck the box for that item.


When you click the remove you see this warning.


This is a frustrating warning. You as a user are trusting the Computer Janitor to find those files which can be cleaned up and the warning says “It will be your fault if Computer Janitor toasts your system.” I think the developers put this in because it did toast so many systems in the previous Ubuntu release. If you check the number of rants about this program you will probably decide it is not worth taking the chance.

Avoid this program as you will end up being one of those angry at losing programs you are using. This application does not seem to be as mature as it should be in a release.