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Fixing the Dim Screen in Ubuntu 8.04

Dim Screen Issues on a Laptop

After installing Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop, a Lenovo T-60, I notice the screen was very dim. In fact so dim it hurt my eyes to use it. So I started looking into the possible issues for the dim light on the screen. Of course the first place to look is power management. If you go to Preferences/Power Management you will see several options to dim the screen when the laptop moves to battery use. Of course dimming the screen is all about saving power, the less light that is used you can save power to keep the laptop running longer.

On AC Power

When you are running on AC Power you can dim the screen when the laptop is in idle. You can change this setting by using the slider for a time period.

On Battery Power

The options here include a time period for inactivity and they also include the ability to reduce the backlight brightness and dim the display when idle. All you have to do is click the box to make it happen.

After unchecking all of these options the screen was still unbearably dim. So I started looking at the hardware and recognized the Function Key on the keyboard was an option. You can tell the Function Key as it is labeled “Fn” on the keyboard. Many laptops have this feature to enable you to connect up to a monitor or projector. In addition, I found my keyboard has two keys that I can use to control the light on the screen. These are the “Home” Key (for brighter) and the “End” Key (for darker). Using these in conjunction with the Function key(Fn) worked great! Smooth even changes to the light issues.