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gOS a Company With New Ideas

June 17, 2008 2 comments

gOS is a Linux distro that is struggling to find innovative areas and create new ideas. In many ways that is the kind of concept that brought me to Linux years ago…10+ actually. 10 years ago Linux was not much fun and the innovative Desktop options that we all take for granted were not even in the dream stage.

Here is a link to the gOS Website

Concepts that I Like About gOS:
1. Innovative Ideas
This is a company that is not just trying to make a minor modification to create a new version of Ubuntu. They have ideas that are different. Recently that have developed an OS focused on MySpace Users. I think that is great, I don’t like MySpace but that is not the point, innovation is what is driving Linux in unique directions that I like to support. The Google Apps version “Rocket” was another innovative idea that many people who are only doing basic things with Linux can use and enjoy. I use “Rocket” on the Cloud Laptop which I have used for travel and found the ideas surrounding “Rocket” to be sound as it provides options when traveling that people want.

2. Mistakes Are Made
Quite frankly the support that has been provided in the past on the web site has been poor. People who purchased gOS machines at Walmart as first time Linux users have been frustrated and often have take back their Linux PCs out of that frustration. Currently the updates on MySpace Apps does not work…wow what a mess. However, out of this there are some good things about this company. They are taking risk and breaking new territory instead of sitting and only doing the safe and easy options of other companies. I can live with some of their mistakes…I can even be patient with the problems because I like innovation and where it is taking us.

gOS Rocket Training CD with Flash Movies

Al in all, gOS is in for a rough ride as they are small and have limited resources to make things happen quickly. However, I will be using gOS and buying their products because to Linux has always been about New Ideas.


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