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Ubuntu 8.10 USB Drive Review

November 18, 2008 8 comments

Ubuntu 8.10 offers a way to create a USB drive from the Live CD or an .iso. The question is, how well does this really work. In order to test we created several of these USB drive installs. The first thing to note is that the process is easy to do. Here is a step by step in create a USB Pen Drive disk.

Insert the USB Pen Drive once you have booted the Live CD. Now go to System/Administration and Create USB startup disk in the menu. You will see it has detected the 2 GB San Disk. You can use as small as 1 GB for the disk. You will also need to indicate the location of the Live CD or an .iso so the system can build the disk. Here we used the Live CD.


It provides you with the option to decide how much free space to allow for files that you create. What this does is give you a way to move this Pen Drive from computer to computer and save your files. A mobile Pen Drive.


Installation process is quick.


Now remove the USB drive and boot from the USB drive. On most computers at boot time you will have an option to choose your boot drive by selecting F12 at boot. Then select boot from USB drive. If all is well the Ubuntu USB drive should boot and you will see the same thing as the Live CD. Your computer must be able to boot from a USB drive, if it does not have that capability it will not work.

Results Were Mixed:
We tried it on a Lenovo T60p and it would not work at all. Error message ” No operating system”. So for some reason it could not read the disk. On a Dell Inspiron 1100 it booted fine. A little slow but you have to remember it is creating the whole operating system off the USB drive initially.