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Installing Skype on Ubuntu 9.04

April 28, 2009 52 comments

Since I have a Skype account and a new install of Ubuntu 9.04 I thought it would make sense to get Skype going.

In order to install Skype, it is not in the repository, you must go to the Skype web site. Quite frankly, I am not sure they give a rip about Linux users as the state of their programs for install is way behind. But you can get it to work.

Download Old Programs
You will need to download the programs that are out of date for Ubuntu.

Right Click on the Package
Open with GDebi package Installer, you will see the option with a right click.


This will open the Package Installer. Just click install.

While it is installing check your audio, headset what ever you are going to use so that you know they work. In the upper right hand corner of the Desktop you will see the audio icon, be sure to test and verify you can hear sound.


The Package Installer will install the necessary 20 programs to get Skype going. You will need access to the root account to install.


Edit Sound Devices. At the least you must edit the sound devices for Skype.
I found Skype a little tricky with my audio on the laptop. I am using a Logitech USB headphone but for some reason the audio initially only came from the laptop speakers. I fixed it with these settings which tested and worked fine.


Do your self a favor a set up a few security settings. If you want to add some security only allow calls from people that you have specifically allowed.


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