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My First Boot of Ubuntu 9.04

April 23, 2009 9 comments

I was so excited this morning as I will now have the new version of Ubuntu 9.04 on my system. I had used the beta and rc and was happy with the way it worked. So I was anxious to see what the final version was really like. Now, just a little background, I switched to Debian 5 previously because I was tired of bugs an problems with Ubuntu. So now my base system is Debian 5 but I am testing the waters with Ubuntu, again.

So I was one of the first to complete the download. I put the Ubuntu 9.04 into the test laptop and booted up to the CD and began the install. I wiped out the old version and started the install by choosing to use the whole disk. Once I started the process….CRASH!!!!

I never was able to boot…the system crashed with a problem with the XWindow. Great…I check the MD5 sum for the CD and it was downloaded an burned correctly. So off to troubleshooting the problem……

2nd Install Attempt
Rebooting and reinstalled the system using the same CD. This time the install went all the way without crashing ..until the end…then it froze and crashed right at completion…..not this again.

3rd Install Attempt
What troubles me is this installed fine on the rc but not with the real deal. So I tried again….SUCCESS!!!!!!!! I booted and found everything in place. I clicked the network icon selected my wireless network which was detected and off I go….I am glad that it worked. The only thing I can see is a possible problem with the rc install that was there before.


Still, this version of Ubuntu will need to earn my respect as I was not happy with issues in the last version. So I will keep posting back my impressions today as I spend the day pushing to see what it really is like.

Booting Speed a Dramatic Improvement!
Now you can boot and see huge improvements…finally. Now I have booted a couple times just to wonder at the boot speed…excellent.

UFW Firewall works out of the gate!
If you do:
sudo ufw enable

The firewall will work immediately with no problems so far….again a big improvement.

Updates Already!
I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and within minutes I have updates to do…well I guess that is OK…I just do not want to be fixing this version of Ubuntu for the next 3 months, that is what I felt happened last time. Putting releases on time schedules may not be the best way to build an operating systems. On the other hand, I want to apply security fixes and that I will always appreciate…

Wireless Support
The first time I clicked on my wireless network…worked fine. Rebooted and now it automatically detects every time and the firewall works perfect….just what I was looking for.

OpenOffice 3.01
To Ubuntu’s credit they waited until 3.01 came out as my experience with 3.9 was not real positive. But OpenOffice 3.01 is an excellent option and seems rock solid.

I had Ubuntu 9.04 detect and install my network printer with ease which is a HP 4300 LaserJest. I just put in the IP Address in the printer administration for network printers and it detected correctly and install the right drivers.

Flash Install in the Browser
I installed the Adobe flash player as it seems to work better. Install is easy just select the “install additional plugins” when asked and then choose what you want to install. Another positive addition.


Turned Off Some Apps at Startup
Hey…I don’t use these apps so why let me resources go down the tube. So I easily removed these. Highlight what you do not want and delete.
I removed Remote Desktop, Bluetooth, Evolution, Visual Assistance and the irritating Gnome Login Sound.
Go to Systems/Preferences/Startup Applications


Home Folders
I am very sensitive to distros telling me what to do with my system, one reason I did not like Windows, but Ubuntu places all of these folders in the /home directory(Music, Documents, Videos, whatever…) for each user. I really do not like those as I set it up much different. So if you are like me and want something that works for you or for your organization, go to /etc/skel and make modifications. As root you can remove examples.desktop so that you do not have all of those folders when you create a new user. In fact, you can created the folders you want in /etc/skel and that will be rolled out to everyone.

Network Tools
I checked out the updated network tools and scanned a machine for open ports…looks like a mail server. I am just trying out all of the settings just to give the whole OS a good workout.


Edit the Menu
Editing the menu is a breeze so that you can make the menu fit your needs. For example, I don’t plan games so I always remove that from the menu and then make other editions. Just select System/Preferences/Main Menu unselect what you do not want and add what you to.


Visual effects
Though the visual effects are clever and add some interest to the desktop, they really only take away the resources I want to use for other things on my laptop so I disable the visual effects. Right click the desktop choose “Change Desktop Background” and then choose “Visual Effects”, here you can turn them on and off for whatever you like.


Disk Usage
The default install takes about 2.3 GB of space for the / directory. You will want to increase space for sure as there will be updates and programs you want to add.

Memory Use
Here is the output of the command free.
This is not a good site at all. Total RAM is 767MB but almost all is already used with a browser open and Gimp…. It is using SWAP already….no speed here.

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 767728 750712 17016 0 34952 373512
-/+ buffers/cache: 342248 425480
Swap: 2249060 832 2248228

I checked top and it looks like the biggest problem is the Firefox update. It is using almost 19% of total memory…that is not right!

5774 mike 20 0 285m 142m 27m S 0 18.9 6:56.63 firefox

More Updates All day Long…stay tuned.