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Wireless Basics Finding Answers

January 25, 2009 3 comments

As a Linux user the best way to begin solving your wireless problems is to develop a basic understanding of how wireless fits into networking and to understanding the terminology describing wireless. These links are designed to also provide a number of examples of how to set up wireless on Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 10 and Damn Small Linux. Those different examples cover just about all of the different options that you will see for wireless.

Here are a number of links that take you through the process of understanding how Linux Wireless can be set up and configured on several different Linux distros.

Helpful Wireless Links

Understanding Wireless

Network Relationship

Network Connections

Wireless Security

Wireless Router

Wireless Channels

Wireless Range

Fedora 10 Wireless

Ubuntu Wireless

Damn Small Linux Wireless

Wireless Tools

WiFi Radar




Using Mobile Broadband USB Modems With Vmware

June 9, 2008 1 comment

These days you can really access the internet more places that ever. The latest flavor is mobile broadband which is becoming more readily available as of late. Sprint now offers unlimited data service plans through their Mobile Broadband USB Modem lineup and others like Verizon Att/Cingular and many more are close to follow with similar plans of their own.
Today i want to show you how to set up the Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem so that it can be used as the VMware internet connection source. You can do this by configuring the Windows network connection associated with your USB Modem so that it allows for other network users access the internet using the same connection.