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Breaking News: Debian moves to LibreOffice

Debian Moves To LibreOfficeDebian has dropped OpenOffice and included LibreOffice. LibreOffice has been available in testing since March and I’ve been curious when it was going to be stable, now it is and I’m glad. After all Debian is kind of the standard for distributions setting a mark for stability. After most other distributions have moved to LibreOffice, the inclusion of LibreOffice into Debian kind of seals the deal in my opinion. In the release announcement, Rene Engelhard, the Debian LibreOffice maintainer, said “I am sure Debian and its users will benefit greatly from this transition; I expect not only an improved collaboration but also quicker development cycles.” It seems that this is just another calculated step in the right direction for Debian.

Full instructions are available at

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Sabayon 6.0 Available For Download

June 23, 2011 3 comments

Sabayon has come with another release. Sabayon 6.0 is now available for download at I downloaded the KDE version and am pretty excited about the live, install and first hour of use. After all Sabayon is known for putting out some beautiful stable releases.

Some of the top features you can expect to run into in Sabayon 6.0 include:

  • Linux Kernel
  • New Artwork and Intro Music
  • Natively Supports btrfs Filesystem
  • Better Widescreen Support
  • XBMC Integration Improved
  • Installer Improvements
  • UFW Firewall Added
  • Updated to GRUB 1.99
  • X.Org Server Updated to 1.10
  • Updated to GNOME 2.32.2 and KDE 4.6.4
  • And Many More…
  • For a full list of features visit the Sabayon 6.0 release announcement. You can also Download Sabayon 6.0 or buy the Sabayon DVD online.

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Monitoring User/Application Activity with psacct

One of the big advantages of using psacct on your server is that it provides excellent logging for activities of applications and users. When you are running scripts one of the important aspects of that script is how much resources it may be using and are there any resource limitations that may exist with the application. In addition, there may be times when you run a script as a user. In other words, you create a user with specific rights, maybe even using visudo. You will likely use this to reduce the security risks of a user who must issue a command with root privileges.

Monitoring User/Application Activity with psacct.

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The Speed of Firefox 5.0

I’m a Google Chromium (right now version 12.0.742.91) user because of the speed. I found previous versions of Firefox to be just a little too slow. Especially when starting the browser. Through the grapevine I heard people discussing the better speeds of Firefox 5.0, which was released this week. This makes me re-consider using Firefox as my default browser. I took a look at the speed and several of the new features. Here are the results.

Note: I’m using a modest desktop setup running Linux Mint 11. Firefox 5.0 may behave differently on your machine. These are just some notes of my trial use of Firefox 5.0 over only a few hours.

Speed – Chromium wins at start up. It’s just faster for me. Another thing I noticed was that Firefox loads the majority of the page before displaying anything. While Chromium starts displaying the page top to bottom immediately. Sometimes text shows up first and images load after. Firefox 5.0 loads all at once. I don’t like this because it causes that blank white page that appears while loading a page to show for longer. I want to dive right in and start reading, I’ll look over the pictures in a few seconds or whatever it takes.

Features – Firefox 5.0 has over 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements. Here is a full list of features.

Using the find Command to Locate Files h

March 14, 2011 1 comment

Using the find Command to Locate Files

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Protecting Nagios From Zero-Day Exploits

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Protecting Nagios From Zero-Day Exploits with ModSecurity

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RELEASE: Gentoo Linux LiveDVD 11.0 http:

March 10, 2011 1 comment

RELEASE: Gentoo Linux LiveDVD 11.0

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